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Mount Vernon Library Comic Con 2017

Bios of Comic con Participants and Vendors


Jon Mangini

Jon Mangini is an illustrator and painter from Bronx NY. He is known for horror/sci-fi and custom hand painted sneakers. His influences include Basil Gogos, Alex Ross, and metal/punk music. His work has been featured on various websites, social media pages, and galleries across the world. He is a regular at comic cons and art shows across the east coast. To see more, visit jonnymangini.storenvy.com& @jonnymangini on Instagram.

Michael Grassia

Michael Grassia has over 20 years experience as a professional artist. In that time, he has worked in many fields such as illustration, animation, video production, graphic design, and even puppetry. When Michael was 18 years old, he started his career as a concept artist for a children’s educational software company. He quickly moved up to animator and even editor.

In addition to his professional art career, Michael is also a professional educator teaching traditional and digital art on the college level for over 15 years.

Currently, Michael works as a freelance illustrator and animator as well as develops and designs apps. His passion for cartooning has led him to create GET IN TOON!, an educational series about the art of cartooning. You can visit getintoon.net for more information. In addition, Michael regularly travels to comic book conventions, libraries, and schools where he speaks and hosts workshops about comics, storytelling, and animation.


Marisol Del Valle, also known as Dzhelasi, started her art career drawing icons, items and more, for several online gaming and virtual communities. Dzhelasi is a New York-based artist and designer with a penchant for horror. While she’s done digital work for print and websites, she also uses traditional mediums such as paint, pencil, clay and fabric to create art pieces and products. She is known for her creepy-cute art style and can usually be found on Instagram drawing up artist trading cards. For more information, please visit her at her website:www.dzhelasi.com or on IG: @dzhelasi

Sheeba Maya

The Mount Vernon Public Library Comic Con welcomes fine artist Sheeba Maya. Sheeba, is a freelance illustrator, fine artist, graphic designer, and curator in Brooklyn, NY.
Her personal artwork is inspired by her own spiritual journey, her love of nature and culture, ancient wisdom, and all things mystical. There is magic that lives in her illustrations and it is often described as “otherworldly”.
Her artwork has been featured in the SOMArts Gallery, the Rush Arts Gallery, and the Society of Illustrators.
Be sure to meet Sheeba Maya while you are at the con. You can visit Sheeba on the web at http://sheebamaya.com/ or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sheebasheeba

André LeRoy Davis

The Mt. Vernon Public Library Comic Con is pleased to announce, Celebrity Illustrator André LeRoy Davis will join us at the con.
André is known as, “Hip-Hop’s official Cartoonist.” André has written for The Source, Vibe, Rappages, XXL, and Smooth Magazines. His illustrations have been commissioned by Bad Boy Entertainment, Def-Jam, Mad Magazine, MTV Networks and The TOPPS Company, Inc.
André is an artist, writer, journalist, and teacher. He is a cover artist for Marvel Comics and a sought after lecturer.
Andre’s original illustrations have been on display at The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, Laffapalooza! Americas Urban International Comedy Arts Festival in Atlanta Georgia and at The Brooklyn Museum of Art. Come and meet this LEGEND at The Mount Vernon Public Library Comic Con. You won’t want to miss it! Check out André at http://andreleroydavis.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AndreLeRoyDavis


1313 Collectibles

1313 Collectibles is an online retail store that serves collectors nationwide with a huge selection of comics, action figures, statues, toys, collectibles, and more. They strive to find the coolest collectibles out there for you, their customer. For more information about the company and the products they carry, visit them at 1313collectibles.com.

EyeMoiety LLC

Cherelle Wright is the creator of EyeMoiety LLC, an eyewear company which provides unique fashionable eye-wear accessories. EyeMoiety charms as well as sunglasses have been worn by celebrities and have reached customers all over the world. Aiming to appeal to all personality types, EyeMoiety offers a plethora of eye-wear accessories (moieties) for men, women and children. Moieties allow customers to create a fashion experience for their glasses. As Cherelle approaches her 4-year mark, EyeMoiety continues to grow in its creations, changing the way people wear glasses.
For more information about her products, go to www.eyemoiety.com or catch her on Instagram: @EyeMoiety

The Spider’s Web Comics and Collectibles

The Spider’s Web has been the premier place to get comics and gaming supplies in Yonkers, New York for the past four years. The staff at The Spider’s Web have welcomed enthusiasts from near and far with open arms. In addition, the shop is host to various events throughout the year, from comic book creator appearances to gaming sessions and more.

Kenny Krafts

Kendra Gessel is the creator and owner of Kenny Krafts. Most people know her as Kenny Kosplay! After getting in the habit of making her own accessories for her personal fashion, she finally made it her dream to make beautiful jewelry, hair accessories and with a combination of knitting to her small business. Everything is handmade by her. For more information about her and her products, please visit her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KennieKrafts/

Isaiah Puga

Isaiah is the creator of the original comic book series, “Jagged.” Initially a high school project, the plot of the series evolved into the comic it is today. Mr. Puga attends various conventions in the tri-state area to promote and sell his work.


Steiner Palomino

Mr. Palomino is a professional convention artist. For the past 5 years, he has been traveling to conventions all over the United States. Steiner has been known to do on-the-spot, super quick, sketch commissions of any portrait, super hero, video game or anime character in 20 minutes or less!!  Come on by, get a sketch done by him, and witness how fast he really is!

Lotus Blossom Handwovens

Lotus Blossom Handwovens is a one-woman run and owned local business that specializes in unique and colorful fiber art to brighten your day. Items range from beautiful handwoven fabric to soft sculptures, scarves, accessories, bracelets, wallets and home decor. Themes include science, fandom geekery, and LGBTQ+ pride.

Thoughtful Minded Couture

Ty Mitchell is the CEO of Thoughtful Minded Couture.  He is also a father, ball player, son, brother, cousin, friend, and the creative engineer of TMC. Thoughtful Minded Couture is a brief glimpse into an abstract of his life and his Pursuit of Happiness. From “Dad-hats” to young adult tees, this collection appeals to a wide array of people. TMC is a young company created from his own unique fashion sense and he hopes the world embraces it. Also known as $Money-Mitch$, “I am who I am” $MM$.

Kitty Sapphire!

Artist Jha-neane Trotman a.k.a. Kitty Sapphire!

Ever since she was young, she always had a love for comic books, video games, books and her most beloved of all: anime. She learned how to draw through her father and grandparents and started her anime art style in her middle school years. She spent most of her younger years drawing for recreation. While she would tell various stories which expanded her love for fantasy and sci-fi, it wasn’t until 2013 that she decided to create her own business with her artwork and create a story for everybody to enjoy.

Bit Happens!

Please welcome to the Mount Vernon Public Library Comic Con, Bit Happens!
Bit Happens is a Bronx-based retailer specializing in 8-bit perler art. The owners travel around the NYC metro area, selling their wares at local conventions, big and small. You can find more about them at the following pages:

Jonathan Syphax

Please welcome to the Mount Vernon Public Library Comic Con, Futurescope Comics!
This new comic enterprise, lead and solely owned by Jonathan Syphax (creator of MAS fleet line, graphic novel, “Street Journal) creates some of the very best stories and art in the Independent comic business! Within FutureScope is a juggernaut of a creative team that includes the work of fan favorites, Brian Balondo and Dody Eka on Pencils, Don Mark Noceda (Inker), Lancelot Catan (Colorist), and a new, dynamic artist on the scene, Rob Toal, just to name a few. And the roster keeps growing with some of the very best in the Independent comic world (and some mainstreamers as well)!!

Come and enjoy the great work that is FutureScope Comics

Emilio Rodriguez

The Mount Vernon Public Library is proud to have with us, Emilio Rodriguez.
Emilio is a practicing attorney with his own general practice, and a college professor. He has written comics since he was in grade school. After undergraduate studies at St. John’s University, and graduate studies at Fordham University School of Law, he embarked on a legal career but always had the desire to write creatively in his heart. Once ignited, this spark turned into a bonfire when he met members of the Comicbook Artist’s Guild and, after becoming a member, his dream came to fruition. He now plans to write until he has no more stories to tell, which he hopes isn’t for a very long time. Stop by to see Emilio at the con to see his work and learn more about writing comic books.

Thornes Comics

Are you looking for rare comics? Then Thornes Comics is looking for you. Thornes Comics has the entire collection of Silver/Bronze Age Marvels, DC & Independent comics for sale including, Amazing Fantasy #15, complete or nearly complete runs of Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Avengers, Captain America,and others from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s,90’s, to the present! If comics and graphic novels are what you want, then Thornes Comics has what you are looking for. Make sure to visit them during your time at the con!

Workshop Presenter

Brian Weitz

Brian Weitz is a fight choreographer and stage combat instructor living in Brooklyn. He has trained with the Society of American Fight Directors for over 9 years, and has choreographed fights for works of theater in both NYC and Buffalo, NY. He’s currently a fight captain and instructor for the Empire Saber Guild, a non-profit costumed lightsaber performance group. Brian is also an avid cosplayer and lover of all things nerdy, and is thrilled to be a part of the inaugural MVPL Comic Con!

Michael Grassia

Michael Grassia has over 20 years experience as a professional artist. In that time, he has worked in many fields such as illustration, animation, video production, graphic design, and even puppetry. When Michael was 18 years old, he started his career as a concept artist for a children’s educational software company.

Michael will present a character design workshop for kids ages 8 – 13.  This workshop will introduce kids to the art of character design and they will have a hands on artwork experience in creating an original character.

David McNeal

It’s game on at The Mt. Vernon Public Library Comic Con with Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game Judge, Mr. David McNeal.
David J. McNeal is a volunteer judge for Konomi’s Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game. He has performed as a judge at premier events such as the Shonen Jump Championships, now known as the Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series (YCS) and World Championship Qualifiers (WCQ). David played Yu-Gi-Oh competitively for a number of years, being a top 10 performance finisher in Baltimore, Maryland.
David shares why he has chosen to be a presenter at the Mount Vernon Public Library Comic Con, “it’s a great hobby on many levels! It’s a blessing and an awesome responsibility to teach children and interact with families. There is a unique literacy component which ties the game to the library. Within each cards texts is a literary puzzle, and it’s up to us as educators to help the children unlock the mysteries! If you can get the family to read and understand the card text, then, they can read and understand a newspaper or classroom text! Winning the game is just the icing on the cake and the inspiration to develop a continued love of reading!”
We bet that you just can’t wait to learn new Yu-Gi-Oh dueling strategies from David.

Musical Artists


ThaGataNegrra is an alternative hip-hop artist who specializes in a funky start-stop delivery; her rhyme arsenal runs the gamut from danceable ear candy to mind-searing aggression. Her distinct flow, catgirl persona, and kawaii aesthetic not only earned GATA the designation of “NJ’s real-life Catwoman” by Indie Flava Magazine, but helped her make her own pawprint on the underground hip-hop scene and the con circuit.
GATA is a proud geek and otaku, and her performances highlight this by featuring cosplay and her own take on decora kei style. Her “…in-your-face” “kawaii-hop” sound was included in the second and third seasons of the groundbreaking hit Hulu show “East Los High”.

Come and enjoy her unique performance!

Peace Moore

Newark, NJ native Peace Moore is a true renaissance man: dancer, entertainer, and visual artist are counted among his many skills. If you attended Newark Comic Con, spent time at the Lincoln Park Music Festival or went to Sounds of The City in Newark, NJ, rocked out at Groove-A-Con, or are a fan of ThaGataNegrra, chances are you have run across this charismatic dynamo! Peace brings an infectious energy and style to his performance. The Arts High School alumnus has done everything from appear in music videos to emcee exclusive parties and events among the elite.

Peace is also a house dancer who honed his dance chops in the ciphers of the hottest underground clubs, performing with well-known acts along the way. His interest in martial arts provided support to this foundation and he is revered as one of the more memorable dancers on the underground house scene.

Peace is also known for his workshops he conducts with children from all walks of life. He motivates and inspires children with his infectious charm and dynamic style, and is frequently requested at afterschool programs, school functions, and events. He is one of the founders of the New Jersey Geek Alliance and co-host of The Core Mission, a webshow soon to make its debut.